René Lacoste was born in France on July 2, 1904. A world-renowned tennis player, Lacoste and his team, nicknamed The Four Musketeers became legend after they defeated the American team to win the Davis Cup in 1927. He also won two U.S. Opens, two Great Britain Championships and three French Open titles. 

But all sports accolades aside, René Lacoste is perhaps best recognized for his clothing line which represents his famed alligator logo. The inspiration for the logo came from a bet Lacoste made with the captain of the French Davis Cup team. According to Lacoste, he made a bet that if he won a very important match for his team, the captain would have to purchase for him a bag made out of alligator skin. After hearing this, the American Press tagged René Lacoste with the nickname, The Crocodile. Lacoste’s friend, Robert George, illustrated the famous alligator and had it embroidered on Rene’s blazer, thus starting an internationally revered brand.
In 1933, René Lacoste started a company with André Giller, the owner and president of France’s largest knitwear manufacturing firm, to manufacture his alligator embroidered shirts. The Lacoste alligator logo is considered the first use of a brand logo on the outside of a garment. The shirts themselves revolutionized sportswear by offering a comfortable, durable and quality alternative to the traditional long-sleeved starched shirts that were employed at the time.

René Lacoste Perfumes

In 1999, René Lacoste perfumes released Lacoste for Women, a soft floral scent that was adored by women of all ages. Subsequent René Lacoste fragrance launches have included Lacoste Pour Femme, Lacoste Inspiration, Love of Pink, Touch of Pink, Touch of Spring, Touch of Sun and Dream of Pink. 

René Lacoste Colognes

In 1984, René Lacoste colognes introduced Lacoste for Men, a masculine scent that featured notes of citrus, clover, sandalwood and spices. That bestselling fragrance was followed by Booster, Lacoste Essential, Lacoste Essential Sport, Lacoste Hot Play, Lacoste Junior, Lacoste Pour Homme, Lacoste Red Style in Play, Lacoste 2000, Lacoste Elegance, Lacoste Cool Play and the 2009 release of Lacoste Challenge.
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