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"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting" ~ Anonymous

Perfume and perfumery has existed since ancient times in the form of creating and using fragrant oils, salves, and aromatic waters. Extracting oils from flowers by means of distillation is a procedure most commonly used today. Prior to this, many liquid perfumes were mixtures of oil and crush herbs or petals. 


Each fragrance, cologne and perfume is categorized depending uponthe ratio of its blend of extracts, alcohol and water; the least concentrated fragrance is Eau de Cologne – a solution of about 3% perfume. Men’s cologne is typically a 5 – 8% perfume compound and is more concentrated than women’s – similar to the strength of an Eau de Toilette. Eau de Toilette is a 3 – 8% perfume compound created to be a lighter version of a fragrance. Eau de Perfume contains 10 – 15% perfume compound and Perfume is the most highly concentrated form of fragrance with between 20 – 50% perfume compound. Perfume is the strongest, longest lasting and therefore also the most expensive form of fragrance.

The Difference between Women’s Perfume and Men’s Cologne?

Other than the difference in the strength of the fragrance of each – the short answer is: “No, there is really no difference.” While men’s cologne tends to have more traditionally masculine chypre fragrances which are woody and warm and often having leather characteristics, there are many women who venture to wear colognes. Chypre colognes are often paired with fruity or floral notes. For this reason, many designers will create a unisex fragrance so that it would not be labeled as either a women’s perfume or men’s cologne and could be worn and enjoyed by all.
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Beauty Tips

If your favorite scent does not have a body lotion or shower gel to match,try using an unscented lotion, this wont take away from your perfume smell!