Nino Cerruti was born in 1930 in Biella, Piemonte. The grandson of a textile mill owner, Nino found himself as the head of his family’s woolen business after his father’s untimely death. In the 1950s, the enterprising Nino started to produce clothing along with the company’s highly respected fabrics. By 1957, Nino Cerruti unveiled his first collection of menswear called, Hitman. By 1967, a complete line of menswear was in production under the label Cerruti 1881, with the brand’s first women’s wear line arriving the following year. Also in 1967, Cerruti opened his first boutique in Paris at the Place de la Madeleine.
In 1978, Nino Cerruti expanded his brand to include Nino Cerruti colognes. Then, in the 80s, the Italian designer was bit by the Hollywood bug, producing costumes and clothing for the feature films Bonnie and Clyde, Pretty Woman and Basic Instinct, among others. He was also a favorite designer of many of the biggest stars at the time, including Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood and Sharon Stone. In the 90s, Nino Cerruti himself got into the action as he landed cameo roles in such films as Holy Man, Catwalk and Cannes Man.

Nino Cerruti Cologne History

Nino Cerrtui’s cologne line started with the release of Cerruti Pour Homme in 1978. The fragrance, Fair Play, was next introduced in 1985, followed five years later by the brand’s namesake fragrance, Cerruti 1881. Nino Cerruti colognes became more prolific in the 2000s with the releases of Carruti Image, Cerruti Image Amber, CerrutiSi, Cerruti 1881 Black and the most recent addition, L’Essence de Cerruti.

Nino Cerruti Perfume History

The first Nino Cerruti perfume, Nino Cerruti Pour Femme, was introduced in 1987. Cerruti 1881 for women and Cerruti Image for women were subsequently released in 1990 and 1995. In 2003, Cerruti 1881 Eau d'Ete was introduced, followed three years later by the most recent Nino Cerruti perfume, Cerruti 1881 pour femme Blanc.
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