The History and Creation of 4711

Centuries ago, Wilhelm Muelhens was given the formula for “aqua mirabilis,” or miracle water by a Carthusian monk. Who knew that this gift would later become Muelhens 4711 unisex fragrance?
It all began in 1772 when Muelhens turned the miracle water formula into a fragrance which he named Eau de Cologne, for the German city he lived in. Ferdinand Muelhens, Wilhelm's grandson, took over the perfume factory and renamed the fragrance 4711. This name corresponds to the factory’s street address. As the fragrance gained popularity so did the creation of more Muelhens perfumes and colognes.
Although the brand has changed hands many times, in 2006 it was sold to Maurer & Wirtz of Aachen, a company that also sells other fragrances including Tabac, Tosca, and the Otto Kern and Betty Barclay lines.
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