Marilyn Miglin’s name is synonymous with beauty products. With her brand of fragrances, cosmetics and skincare products and accessories, she’s one of the Top-500 women business owners in the United States. Each month, more than 65 million viewers watch her on television shopping networks where they purchase her lifestyle products.
A fixture in Chicago, the city’s famous Oak Street shopping district now carries the honorary name of Marilyn Miglin Way. Additional honors include the proclamation of April 15th as Marilyn Miglin Day in Chicago and in 1998, the Raoul Wallenberg Pediatric Day Hospital in Jerusalem dedicated their burn and disfigurement wing in her honor for her work with children. She was also recently bestowed the Best Face Forward Award Humanitarian Award from the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Medicine.
Marilyn Miglin’s fragrance, Pheromone, is one of the top-10 selling fragrances in luxury department stores nationwide month after month and it has remained a bestseller since its introduction in 1980.

Marilyn Miglin Fragrances - Perfumes

Marilyn Miglin perfumes are common fixtures on dressing tables all across the United States and Pheromone’s addictive scent leads the way. Additional Marilyn Miglin perfumes include 112 M Miglin, Destiny M Miglin, Goddess M Miglin and Mystic.

Marilyn Miglin Fragrances - Colognes

The Marilyn Miglin cologne, Pheromone for Men, is just as beloved among men as its perfume counterpart is among women. Timeless and classically aromatic, it continues to outshine and outsell more modern fragrances from other designers. In 1995, Marilyn Miglin colognes released its follow-up, M for Men to similar acclaim.
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Marilyn Miglin fragrances include:

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Beauty Tips

Spray perfume all over damp hair. For scent-sational lasting (of the smell), spray perfume again on air-dryed hair.