Born in 1939 in Himeji, Japan, Kenzo Takada’s love of fashion began at a very young age, when he used to admire his sisters’ fashion magazines, but his road to becoming the icon he is today was not an easy one. Against the will of his family, Kenzo left the University of Kobe to follow his passion for fashion. He joined Tokyo’s Bunka Fashion College in 1958, not long after the school opened its doors to allow male students. After graduating, Kenzo found himself in Paris where he worked hard at making industry contacts. On his own, Kenzo could only afford to purchase fabrics from flea markets which he used to create bold, multi-faceted clothing.
It wasn’t until 1970 that Kenzo’s success started to take off. He held his first show at the Vivienne Gallery and his first store, Jungle Jap, opened its doors that year. In 1971, he presented his collection in New York and Tokyo and the following year, he was awarded the Fashion Editor Club of Japan prize.
In 1988, the designer launched his line of Kenzo perfumes with Kenzo de Kenzo (now called Ça Sent Beau). In 1991, the first Kenzo cologne was introduced called Kenzo pour Homme. But, as successful as those fragrances were, and still are, it wasn’t until the release of FlowerbyKenzo in 2000 that Kenzo perfumes and colognes became an industry leader.

Kenzo Perfume

Kenzo perfumes are renowned for their complex signatures and delicate notes. From the flagship fragrance, FlowerbyKenzo, through the entirety of his line, each one is completely representative of the woman who wears them. Other Kenzo perfumes include Kenzo for Women, Kenzo Amour, Kenzo Le Monde, Kenzo Ryoko Summer and many more. Kenzo perfumes are also instantly recognizable as their bottles are inspired works of ingenuity and design.

Kenzo Cologne

Kenzo colognes offer in a bottle what many women consider the perfect man, a subtle mix of masculinity and softness. Kenzo colognes feature a wide range of fragrances to suit just about every man, including Kenzo Power, Kenzo for Men, Kenzo Tokyo, Kenzo Air, Kenzo Jungle and more.
In 2008, Kenzo released its first unisex fragrance, called Kenzo Vintage. This fragrance is classified as Oriental/spicy and offers the wearer the following notes: Cedar, Mandarin Orange, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Musk and Blossom.
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