Hugo Boss Designer History

Hugo Boss originally established his clothing company in Metzingen, Germany in 1923. While most of the country was in a state of economic ruin at the close of World War I, Hugo Boss's company thrived and eventually designed and manufactured uniforms and attire for the troops and officers of the Wehrmacht before and during World War II. Hugo also designed attire for other governmental branches of Nazi Germany. Hugo Boss died in 1948, and two of his grandsons, Uwe and Jochen Holy, took over the company, turning it completely around by steering it into a new and more promising direction towards men's wear.

The Launch of Hugo Boss Fragrances

In 1993, 70 years after the founding of Hugo Boss, business-savvy brothers Uwe and Jochen launched the company’s first fragrance, sparking a division that has become an underlying factor in the success of the Hugo Boss brand. Popular Hugo Boss fragrances for women developed by the duo include BOSS Femme and BOSS Intense. Men’s scents feature the classic BOSS cologne, as well as BOSS Soul, BOSS in Motion, BOSS In Motion Limited Edition and BOSS Selection. Another fragrance, Hugo, targeted a younger demographic , while other releases included Del Mar Baldessarini cologne, Hugo Dark Blue cologne, and Hugo Deep Red perfume.
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Hugo Boss Perfume and Cologne Include:

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Beauty Tips

To get the most wearing time out of your fragrance spray it on your clothing as well as your skin and it will last twice as long. Added bonus you can spray some in your car!