Herve Leger was born in as small village just north of France in 1957. In 1973, he was accepted into a prestigious Parisian art school and not long after, started his career as a hairdresser in Maniatis Salon. In 1975, Herve Leger decided that hairdressing was not his passion, so he left the industry to pursue hat-making. In 1977, Herve got his big break when he was employed by leading Italian knitwear designer, Tan Guidecelli. Then, in 1980, Karl Lagerfeld was so impressed by Herve’s work that he became his mentor and sent him to Rome for further training. 

Herve Leger continued to assist and learn from Lagerfeld while the fashion icon was working for Fendi in Rome, and then later, in 1983, when he took over Chanel. It was in 1984 that Herve Leger finally decided it was time for him to concentrate on his own designs, which resulted in his Cadette collection, the Haute Couture collection for Lanvin and a Pret-a-Porter collection for Princess Diane von Furstenburg. In 1985, Leger opened his first shop in Paris. In 1987, while continuing his own line, Herve Leger once again worked with Lagerfeld, now designing for Chloe. A year later, Leger teamed up with Daniel Swarowski to design a collection of crystal bead accessories. In 1989, while preparing his new collection to be presented to the fashion world, Leger was struck with the inspiration that has since dictated his future trademark in fashion – stripes!
In the late 90s, Herve Leger’s company was bought by the BCBG Max Azria Group from the Seagram's Group, which eventually fired Herve. Not one to stand down from a battle, Herve went into litigation with BCBG. After losing his rights to his name, Herve eventually opened up a new shop in St. Germain under the name Herve L. Leroux.

Herve Leger Perfumes

Herve Leger perfumes are famous for their light, flowery scents and hourglass-shaped bottles. Released in 1999, the Herve Leger perfume, Herve Leger, proved to be a resounding success for the company. In 2006, the latest Herve Leger fragrance was introduced, Herve Rose Leger.
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Herve Leger perfumes and gift sets include: 

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