The History of Giorgio Armani – The Designer

What started as a passion for theater and cinema eventually turned into a love for photography and finally a passion for fashion. Giorgio Armani joined forces with Sergio Galeotti and founded Giorgio Armani S.p.A. in 1974. What began as a men's line of clothing, followed a year later by a women's fashion line, with the help of Giorgio Armani's sister, Rosanna Armani. Over the years a number of Giorgio Armani perfumes and Giorgio Armani colognes were introduced, and flourished, along with the design houses expanding line of clothing and accessories.
Armani boasts 14 Emporio Armani stores and Armani Jeans cafes, including. Emporio’s flagship shop, in Milan. In addition there is an Armani Bar in Hong Kong and his two celebrated ventures, NoBu & Prive, can be found globally. Armani owns a bookshop, Armani Libri, and a florist, Armani Fiori, in addition to a confectionery company, Armani Dolci.

Giorgio Armani Perfume & Cologne – The Sweet Smell of Success

Giorgio Armani is an undeniable fashion icon and has added his name, and attitude to a number of ventures including his infamous line of Giorgio Armani perfumes and colognes.
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Giorgio Armani perfume and Colognes Giorgio Armani colognes include:

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