History of Dana

Dana (now New Dana Perfumes Company) was originally known as Renasissance Cosmetics, a company that owns more than 100 trademarks and sells many Dana perfumes including Chantilly, Love's Baby Soft, Canoe, English Leather and other classic favorites. Dana is a company that capitalizes on the nostalgic appeal of older scents. Although through the years many of these Dana perfumes and Dana colognes have been slightly altered to the nose, they remain dedicated to preserving the essence of each scent while expanding its appeal to a younger audience.

Dana Perfume and Dana Cologne History

Below is a chronological order of the introduction of some of the more famous Dana perfume and Dana cologne.
1921 – Tojours Mois Perfume
1932 – Canoe Cologne introduced this spicy, refined men's fragrance.
1936 – Heaven Sent by Dana
1941 – Chantilly by Dana
1949 - English Leather
1965 – Dana Tabu perfume
1984 - Lutece Perfume
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Beauty Tips

Keep your perfume in it's original box to seal out air and light, the enemies of fragrance. Doesn't look as pretty as a bottle of perfume on the counter, but it does keep the fragrance true and makes it last longer.