In 1904, François Spoturno moved to Paris, took the name Coty and launched his perfume business. François Coty was not only a professional perfumer, but also a politician, journalist, idealist, and millionaire, and to some considered a gentleman of mystery. Coty was one of the first perfumers to understand the importance of fragrance packaging and a beautiful bottle, and his business grew until he was one of the wealthiest men in France. He died in 1934.

Coty Perfume History Highlights

  • 1904 Francois Coty launches his first perfume La Rose Jacqueminot – its famous bottle is designed by Baccarat and acquires a veritable status as a work of art.
  • 1905 Coty develops two masterpiece fragrances L’Origan and Ambre Antique – these legendary fragrances are among the first to combine natural and synthetic ingredients and would soon become archetypes of contemporary perfumery.
  • 1912 Coty launches L’Or, a floral scent designed to blend with the smell of blond tobacco
  • 1917 Coty creates his greatest fragrance masterpiece, Chypre. This seminal fragrance would lend its name to an entire fragrance family, an industry first and a future industry benchmark.
  • 1922 Coty’s new fragrance, Paris, becomes a bestseller in both British and American markets. Its release marks the first of 15 Coty fragrances introduced during the Roaring 20s.
  • 1947 As Lancaster introduces its nascent skin care line which includes the bestseller Créme Embryonnaire, a new approach to anti-ageing begins.
  • 1970 The Principality of Monaco appoints Lancaster “Patented Purveyor to her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco”
  • 1970s – Present time -  Sun care products, simulated tanning products, breakthrough skin therapy products and hair care products are created by Coty scientists

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