Coty Wild Musk perfume is a light oriental rich cologne spray made especially for women. Coty Wild Musk abounds with light florals and notes of romantic musk. A spray of this perfume on the inner wrist and behind the ears will release a pleasant scent for up to ten hours. Like a soft whisper you hear from afar, the scent of Coty Wild Musk perfume is there but very subtle, never overpowering, just intriguing.

For those who prefer to dab rather than spray on a scent, try Coty Wild Musk Oil. This concentrated body oil exudes the same romantic properties as the perfume spray. It's warm gentle vanilla and wood notes balance with soft florals that bask in a musk base sure to release the animal within.

Coty Wild Musk Perfume/Oil

Coty Wild Musk perfume and Coty Wild Musk Oil are sensual fragrances that enhance your own natural powers of attraction while creating a special chemistry between you and your man.
Design House: Coty
Fragrance Notes: Vanilla, flowers, musk
Year Introduced: 1973
Recommended Use: Romantic
Scent Strength: Moderate
Scent Life: 6-10hours

The Notes Behind Coty Wild Musk

Coty Wild Musk is considered an oriental floral fragrance with the following notes:
Top notes: Musk, Bergamot, Lavender
Middle notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood
Base notes: Rose, Ylang-yklang, vetiver offers Coty Wild Musk in a cologne spray as well as a concentrate cologne and a Wild Musk perfume oil.
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Beauty Tips

Mix your favorite perfume with some unscented moisturiser and massage all over body for a long lasting lingering scent..