In Geneva, at the young age of 24, Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded his luxury watch and jewelry company, naming it Chopard. At the time, he was one of the few watchmakers regarded as a manufacture, or a watchmaker who made all of their products, including the internal movements in-house rather than using base movements made by outside companies. Chopard is also one of the four companies that make up the Fleurier Quality Foundation which provides certification to those companies that create very high quality watches. The "Qualité Fleurier" is the industry standard by which all top-of-the-line watches are compared.
In 1963, Chopard was taken over by master watchmaker, Karl Schefele, when the younger generation of Chopards refused to manage the business, instead choosing to follow other careers. Schefele used his own expertise with watches and jewelry to build the company into a world renowned manufacturer of some of the world’s most luxurious timepieces. Today, he is still president of Chopard and many of his family members hold key positions within the company.

Chopard Perfumes


In 1991, the Chopard design house released the highly successful perfume line, Casmir, which included Casmir Blue, Casmir Pink and Casmir White. The fragrance Mira Bai was introduced in 1998 and the design house had a number of successful releases ever since, including Wish, Wish Turquoise Diamond, Pink Diamond Wish, Pure Wish, Madness Chopard, Madness Chopard Natural Black, Infinement Chopard and Happy Spirit.

Chopard Colognes

In 1994, the Chopard cologne, Heaven, was released, followed five years later by the popular fragrance, Casran. The company’s most recent cologne launch was 2004’s Chopard Pour Homme, a pleasantly masculine blend of spices and mellow bourbon.

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Beauty Tips

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