Cacharel Design House History

Jean Louis Henri Bousquet launched Cacharel, his first fashion house, in 1962. Cacharel began as a brand of ready-to-wear clothing, perfume and accessories. His entire line was inspired by a unique concept of the social evolution of women. In 1964 he outraged the fashion industry with a collection of brightly colored skirts and blouses not seen before in the industry. Despite the reviews, it became extremely successful. Next, the Cacharel design house introduced a unique collection of clothing for menand children called his prêt-a-porter collection. This launch made Cacharel a notable design house that embodied youthful flair and modernity.
Bousquet’s designs gained international notoriety in 1963 with the unveiling of his seersucker blouse. This design was featured on the cover of ELLE Magazine. In addition, he was instrumental in the launch and birth of prêt-a-porter, the international fashion expo that is still in existence today. Bousquet was the Chairman of Cacharel, and the mayor of Nimes from 1983-1995.
Cacharel is still a privately held company today, fronted by the Brit design team, Clements Ribiero. The young, fresh Cacharel look continues to this day.

The Birth of Cacharel Perfumes

In 1975 Bousquet joined with L'Oréal to develop signature scents. The first appeared in 1978 when the highly successful perfume, Anaïs Anaïs. Many additional successful fragrances followed. Cacharel's most recent scent line is Liberté, inspired by the French cake, chamonix.
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Cacharel Perfumes and Colognes include:


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