The House of Boucheron, owned by the Gucci Group, has a rich heritage that spans 150 years. Boucheron is a French jewelry company that entered the fragrance market in 1988. Writers, magnates, artists, movie starts and maharajahs around the globe have been known to wear Boucheron creations.

Boucheron Perfume and Cologne History

Boucheron perfumes and colognes were born from a jewelry dynasty. Each fragrance reflects the luxury of the world's most precious, beautiful and seductive scents. Elegant and sensual, Boucheron perfumes and colognes are exquisitely crafted to engage the wearer with personality and passion.
Discover nature's hidden jewels in each bottle of Boucheron perfume and cologne. Boucheron's perfumes include B de Boucheron, Boucheron, Trouble, Boucheron Initial and Miss Boucheron. For men, the Boucheron cologne selection features Boucheron pour Homme and Jaipur Homme.   Classy, sexy and sophisticated, Boucheron's variety of perfumes and colognes offers something for everyone. Enjoying a clientele of A-listers, Boucheron continues to make its mark on the fragrance world. 

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