Boucheron perfume is a fragrance filled with tradition and pure splendor. A bold combination of citrus and florals create a scent filled with mystery and grace. Boucheron perfume is a fragrance gem, rich in a strikingly long-lasting richness of apricot, basil, geranium, orange blossom and sandalwood, along with a bouquet of feminine undertones. Boucheron perfume rules the evening as a fragrance that invites closer inspection, drawing those who venture into a world of mystery and romance. 

Uncover the Elegance of Boucheron by Boucheron Perfume

Design House: Boucheron
Fragrance Notes: Bitter orange, citrus, jasmine, amber, vanilla
Year Introduced: 1988
Recommended Use: Evening
Scent Strength: Moderate
Scent Life: 6-10 hours

The Notes Behind Boucheron Perfume

Boucheron perfume is considered an oriental floral fragrance with the following notes:
Top notes: Apricot, asafetida, tangerine, orange, basil, cassia, bergamot
Middle notes: Jasmine, madagascar, ylang-ylang, geranium, cedar, orange blossom
Base notes: Vanilla, amber, benzoin, oakmoss, sandalwood

Boucheron Perfume Bottled Elegance 

Boucheron perfume has been described as a gem…and so is the bottle it resides in. The inspiration for the Boucheron perfume bottle comes from the house's jewelry creations, with the Boucheron vessel ring shaped and topped with a stone of shining silver. offers Boucheron perfume in a number of different sizes and also features Boucheron body cream body lotion, and dry oil spray.
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Beauty Tips

Applying the matching powder fragrance along with the matching lotion will make the cologne last a lot longer than applying cologne alone. Apply the lotion after shower wait about a couple minutes then apply cologne and then powder where ever you want it to go. Also; if you have the bath gel for shower or bath beads etc. Use them in bath. Thishelps seal in the fragrance.