Annick Goutal began as a prizewinning pianist and model. In 1977 she met perfumer Henri Sorsana and spent seven years examining ingredients and honing her exceptional gift as an extraordinary nose. Annick Goutal went about creating her fragrances in the same way that she approached her music, understanding its note, harmony and key. She opened her first salon on Tue de Bellechasse in Saint Germain, creating fragrances and gathering more and more of a cult-like following. 

Annick Goutal Perfume and Cologne History

Annick Goutal perfume and Annick Goutal cologne offerings quickly set her apart. Each fragrance was created as a reminder of something important that happened in Annick Goutal's life. She said of her collection, "like precious bouquets, gathering the rarest and most noble of natural essences, they are composed as a symphony, note by note, in an eternal quest for balance, quality and perfect harmony."
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