Alfred Dunhill was born in London in 1872 and at the age of 21, he took over his father’s saddlery business. Although at the time horses were the primary source of transportation, being the visionary that he was, Alfred Dunhill had the foresight to see that the newly invented motorcar would soon force a tremendous shift in how people traveled. Therefore, he started designing motorcar accessories, such as goggles, horns, lamps, picnic sets and more, even going as far as changing the name of his company to Dunhill Motorites. His tagline at the time was, "Everything for Car but the Motor."
In 1907, Dunhill retired from the Motorites and opened up a cigar, pipe and tobacco shop in London and for the next century becomes one of the foremost men’s clubs in the world. Today, Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. Specializes in high-end leather goods, timepieces, luxurious writing implements, lighters, clothing and fragrances.
Dunhill caters to today’s man, even so far as opening up a series of retail emporiums designed to provide the very best in tailoring, spa services and other luxurious accoutrements. Alfred Dunhill colognes are manufactured through a licensing agreement with Proctor and Gamble’s Prestige Products division.

Alfred Dunhill Colognes and Perfumes

For over a century, Alfred Dunhill has designed the things that matter most to men, and his signature lines of Alfred Dunhill colognes are no different.  Today’s Alfred Dunhill colognes include D by Dunhill, Desire for Men, X-Centric and the entire line Dunhill specialty fragrances.
In 1997, Alfred Dunhill introduced Dunhill Pink perfume for women, a very popular fragrance which features fresh, fruity, vanilla, flowers and musky tones.
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