The History of Valentino – The Designer

His iconic name is synonymous with opulence, elegance and above all, red-carpet extravagance. Valentino Garavani, or simply Valentino, showed an eye for fashion at an early age. He was educated at Milan’s Accademia dell Arte and studied fashion in Paris. Known for his legendary hand-stitched gowns, Valentino opened a salon in 1960 and unveiled his first Italian collection, making his mark on the fashion world.

His flair for femininity and attention to detail catapulted him to the forefront of dress design, especially among the celebrity elite. His dresses have adorned everyone from Jackie O. to Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna. Nary a red carpet exists without a richly colored Valentino gown draped upon it. He even developed his own shade of Valentino Red.

Some of Valentino’s famous fashion collections include the White, Ready-to-Wear and V collections. His fabrics lean toward more feminine delicates – chiffons, laces and silk – sometimes blended with wools and leathers.

Valentino rocked the fashion industry when he announced his retirement in 2008. 

Valentino Perfume & Cologne – The Sweet Smell of Success

Valentino’s fragrance line is extensive. His signature scent, Valentino, was introduced in 1987 to the joy of women everywhere. Its subtle floral notes are still popular today.

Vendetta and Vendetta Pour Homme debuted in 1991, followed by Very Valentino Homme in 1999 and Valentino Gold in 2002. Newer fragrances by Valentino include the Rock n’ Rose line, which boasts a feminine scent throughout, but edgier with hints of Bergamot and black currant.

Valentino perfume and colognes include:


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