The very essence of Valentino has always been elegance and sophistication. Valentino V perfume and Valentino V Pour Homme cologne do not disappoint. Both scents combine modern, floriental elements like mandarin and bergamot with vintage woods and vanilla. This masterful combination results in intense fragrances that drip with class, luxury and charisma.

Valentino V Perfume by Valentino

Design House: Valentino
Fragrance Notes: Mandarin, gray amber, pink grapefruit, sandalwood, fig, rose, orange buds, cedar wood, freesia petals
Year Introduced: 2005
Recommended Use: Casual
Scent Strength: Moderate
Scent Life: 6-10 hours

Valentino V Pour Homme by Valentino

Design House: Valentino
Fragrance Notes: Basil, bergamot, mandarin, musk, dry amber, transparent floral, mace, ambrette seed, cumin, jasmine, cedarwood, sandalwood, pink peppercorn, vanilla
Year Introduced: 2006
Recommended Use: Elegant
Scent Strength: Moderate
Scent Life: 6-10 hours
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Beauty Tips

Applying the matching powder fragrance along with the matching lotion will make the cologne last a lot longer than applying cologne alone. Apply the lotion after shower wait about a couple minutes then apply cologne and then powder where ever you want it to go. Also; if you have the bath gel for shower or bath beads etc. Use them in bath. Thishelps seal in the fragrance.