The idea behind Gucci Pour Homme was conceived by Tom Ford, who wanted the fragrance to pay homage to the masculine colognes of the 1970s. It was perfumer Michel Almairac who made it happen. Gucci Pour Homme may well be one of the most masculine scents on the market, with its lingering note of cedar playing the lead role as potent seducer. It's a fall day around a burning fire, the aroma of wood so enticing it's almost sensuous. It's familiar and rugged and manly. It's Gucci Pour Homme.

Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci

Design House: Gucci
Fragrance Notes: Pepper, ginger, amber, woods
Year Introduced: 2003
Recommended Use: Casual
Scent Strength: Intense
Scent Life: 6-10 hours

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Beauty Tips

If you need to be around clients or just a large amount of people in general, Unscented Lotion, apply some near your wrists and then in a few mins as you're getting ready for your day, spray your favorite cologne there and Bam, Seem's to hang on to the Scent for a longer amount of time.

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