Charles Frederick Worth was born on October 13, 1825 and is considered by most academics and modern fashion designers to be the "Father of Haute Couture." After working in several famous London drapery shops, Worth got his start in fashion when he moved to Paris in 1846. In Paris, Worth was hired to work for Gagelin and Opigez, the famous Parisian drapery company. While there, he met his soon to be wife, model Marie Vernet. Worth started creating dresses for his wife, which the store’s customers started to inquire about. As more and more customers asked for copies of Worth’s dresses, the designer urged his business partners to consider expanding their operations to include dressmaking, which they ultimately declined.
Rather than give up on his dream, Worth met with Swiss investor, Otto Bobergh, who agreed to finance his dressmaking business, and in 1858, Worth and Bobergh opened its doors. Worth’s designs first drew the attention of French Empress Eugenie and after that, he was sought out by famous luminaries, dignitaries and actresses from all over Europe and from as far away as New York and Boston. Ahead of his time, Worth was the first fashion designer to affix labels to the clothing he designed and he became renowned for his ability to dictate to his customers what they should be wearing, rather than allowing the customer to choose their design.
During the Franco-Prussian War, Worth and Bobergh was forced to shut down its operations. Worth re-opened his business in 1871 without Bobergh, calling his new venture the House of Worth. He eventually brought his sons, Gaston and Jean-Phillipe, into his business, which they continued to run after Worth died in 1895.
In 1953, the House of Worth merged with Maison Paquin but was eventually closed in 1956 after suffering from financial difficulties. Currently, the House of Worth label is owned by the British company, Shaneel Enterprises LTD.

Worth Perfumes

In 1932, Worth perfumes introduced the fragrance JE Reviens, followed not long after by JE Reviens Couture. In 1977, the Worth perfume, Miss Worth, was released, with the men’s cologne, Worth, released four years later in 1981. In 2005, the most recent Worth perfume was introduced called, Courtesan, which is also available in a body lotion and shower gel.

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