Ted Lapidus was born in Paris on June 23, 1929, the son of a Russian tailor. Lapidus was recognized as an innovator and stylistically relevant in haute couture up until his passing in 2008. He was considered by many to be the creator of the unisex fashion design and his creations were among the first to introduce military and safari themed accentuations to their overall look. Ted Lapidus is also recognized as being the designer who made blue jeans an active fabric in popular fashion design.
In 1951, Ted Lapidus started his own fashion line and by 1960, his brand was a favorite among many starlets of the day, including French superstars Brigitte Bardot and Alain Delon. In the late 1970s, as interest in haute couture started to wane, Lapidus focused his attention on producing fashion accessories, like watches and fragrances. After his passing, in tribute, French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that Ladipus was the designer who made fashion accessible to men and women in the street and that he had democratised French elegance and classicism.

Ted Ladipus Perfumes

Ted Ladipus perfumes are renowned for their complex textures and multi-dimensional notes. Noteworthy Ted Lapidus perfumes include Creation, Creation the Vert, Fantasme, Silk Way, TL Pour Elle and Lapidus Woman.

Ted Lapidus Cologne

Ted Lapidus colognes include TL Pour Lui, Ted, Lapidus for Men, Excited and Altamir. Has Ted Lapidus Perfumes & Colognes for Less

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Ted Lapidus perfumes and colognes include:

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