The Sisley brand was originated in Paris in 1968. The company became renowned for producing high-end denim clothing that was instantly recognizable and always at the leading edge of the fashion scene. In 1974, the Benetton Group purchased the exclusive rights to use the brand’s name and it stayed that way until in 1985 when Benetton created an independent creative and sales entity within their group to specifically manage the Sisley line. In 1989, Sisley 999 was introduced. The focus of this product line was for the twelve and under market.
The primary goal of Sisley has always been to be forward thinking. The Sisley brand is recognized for its ability to forecast fashion trends and for producing the clothes to feed those demands. Sisley’s collections are inspired by fashions from all around the globe and feature clothing for every part of one’s day, from active wear and casual clothing to formal dresses. In fact, Sisley considers their brand not one of fashion and design, but more of a lifestyle. Today, Sisley has over 850 points of sale around the world.

Sisley Perfumes and Sisley Colognes

Nothing rounds out the Sisley lifestyle like the brand’s deliciously fresh fragrances. Sisley perfumes and Sisley colognes are the perfect accessory to your way of life. Always at the leading edge of fashion and couture, in 1974, Sisley was one of the first brands to release a fragrance designed for both men and women. That inspirational scent was called Eau de Campagne. In 2006, the brand released Soir de Lune for women and then in 2009, Sisley ventured back to the unisex market with the release of Eau de Sisley 1, Eau de Sisley 2 and Eau de Sisley 3. Besides their well-received line of Sisley perfumes and Sisley colognes, the brand also produces exceptional skincare products for generation next.
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Sisley perfumes, colognes and skincare products include:

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