The Sergio Tacchini name became synonymous with tennis, as he enjoyed a brilliant career as a world-class tennis player. In 1966 however Sergio Tacchini began an innovative and inspired sportswear collection. His first entrance into design came way of a tennis-wear collection that included the use of color, rather than the traditional white in his garments. Thanks to the many favorable testimonials of famous tennis stars like Jimmy Connors, Roscoe Tanner, Jan Kodes and others, the Sergio Tacchini brand became a familiar designer world-wide 

In the 1980's Sergio Tacchini expanded his line to include apparel focused on additional popular sports including basketball and golf. Again in the 1980's Sergio Tacchini brought his line to a new sporting arena, adding a line of fitness, swimming and leisure time designs.
Always linked to famous names in sports, Sergio Tacchini expanded his designs to include clothing for sea lovers as well as designs for cyclists and race car drivers. The driving force behind all of his designs has always been based on functionality and style.

Sergio Tacchini Perfume and Sergio Tacchini Cologne

The sports themes of Sergio Tacchini easily translated into the world of fragrance beginning with his signature scent, Sergio Tacchini cologne in 1996. Sergio Tacchini perfume quickly followed and he has launched a number of fragrances enjoyed by both sports enthusiasts and bookworms alike. 
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