Marcel Rochas, both a designer and an entrepreneur, became a hit in Paris during the 1920s and early 1930s. PARFUMS ROCHAS, the house was founded in 1925 and from 1925 to 1955, fashion designer Marcel Rochas reigned over the Parisian Couture by creating very feminine designs meant for the well established clientele. His creations emphasized the shoulder which to him epitomized femininity but he is known better for his perfume line.
With the rise of the Nazi in Europe and the eventual break out of World War II his thriving business was put on hold but as Europe rose from the ashes, Marcel Rochas rose with it too, together with new names in haute couture that included Christian Dior. Instead of focusing on haute couture though, he decided instead to focus on his stores and launching perfumes. When he died in 1955, the fashion world lost his originality and visionary look at fashion. His company continued to exist. The House of Rochas is still headquartered in Paris.

Marcel Rochas’ Designer Perfume History

In 1944 the designer was already thinking about creating a perfume that would sing the praises of femininity after the painful war period. In 1944, he spoke extensively of his project with a young "nose" named Edmond Roudnitzka. So, Femme is not only a tribute to his beloved, but also the first masterpiece of one of this century’s more talented perfume creators, who went on to compose Eau d’Hermès and Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior. Because of shortages during the war, Femme was at first sold in a limited edition to subscribers only. It wasn't revealed to the general public until 1945, at an exhibit in honor of Rochas' friend Paul Poiret. Already appreciated by elegant high-society women, Femme achieved instant success. Even today, it is the fragrant emblem of the quintessential woman.
In addition to Marcel Rochas’ Femme perfume, other perfumes and colognes by this designer include: Madame, Eau de Rochas, Byzance, Byzantine, Tocade, Tocadilly, Alchimie, Eau de Rochas pour Homme, Rochas Man.

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