Parfumologie is a unique collective of fragrance industry experts who have pooled together their talents to create high quality fragrances and body products for brands looking to add fragrances to their product ensemble. Headed by Creative Director Bill Wallen, Parfumologie creates customized fragrances that perfectly represent any brand’s image.

Parfumologie Colognes

In 2009, Parfumologie designed a line of fragrances for the United States armed forces. Each fragrance is highly representative of the branch of service for which it is named and scents include US Air Force, US Navy, US Army, US Marines Corps and the US Coast Guard.

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Parfumologie colognes include:

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Beauty Tips

Applying the matching powder fragrance along with the matching lotion will make the cologne last a lot longer than applying cologne alone. Apply the lotion after shower wait about a couple minutes then apply cologne and then powder where ever you want it to go. Also; if you have the bath gel for shower or bath beads etc. Use them in bath. Thishelps seal in the fragrance.