Nautica was launched in 1983 in New York by David Chu. The brand name Nautica was chosen specifically to identify with the American lifestyle of energy, exploration, activity and fitness. Originally a producer of men’s outerwear collections, the company has since turned into a global lifestyle brand with products that range from fragrances and apparel to fashion accessories and home furnishings. Nautica’s fragrances and clothing line are inspired by the ocean, exploration and the allure of adventure. 

In 1984, Nautica was acquired by State-O-Maine which eventually changed its name to become the more recognizable, Nautica Enterprises, Inc.
Today, as part of the VF Corporation, Nautica is available in more than 60 countries through more than 200 Nautica branded stores.

Nautica Fragrances

In 1992, the first Nautica cologne, Nautica for Men, hit the market with its female counterpart, Nautica for Women, being released five years later. Subsequent Nautica perfumes have included Nautica Bermuda Blue and Nautica My Voyage.
Nautica fragrances for men have been more prolific in their releases with a wide range of Nautica colognes including Nautica Voyage, Nautica White Sail, Nautica Sunset Voyage, Nautica Blue, Nautica Competition, Nautica Island Voyage, Latitude Longitude and 2009s release of Nautica Oceans.
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Beauty Tips

To help fragrances last longer-use a neutral or coordinating moisturizer. Moist skin keeps your fragrance from evaporating as fast. And bonus, your skin is soft!