Princess Marina de Bourbon is a descendant of the Royal House of Bourbon, one of the most prestigious French families dating back to the 10th Century. Over the centuries, the House of Bourbon has been closely involved in European politics with family members represented in the government bodies of Russia, Austria, Italy, Greece, Holland, Romania, Hungary, Portugal and Luxemburg. Once a signal of dominant power and prestige, today, the House of Bourbon is a symbol of refinement, style and etiquette.
For years, Princess Marina de Bourbon has dedicated herself to the arts, most passionately to handcrafts. A dynamic and entrepreneurial woman, it wasn’t long before she decided to open up her own boutique in Paris. Her boutique, located at 112 Boulevard de Courcelles in Paris, quickly became a favorite destination for the world’s most famous and elite women. Fashioned in a unique blue and white décor, her Parisian boutique offered luxurious items such as high couture shoes and clothing, leather goods, jewels and eventually, her own signature perfumes.
Princess Marina de Bourbon entered the fragrance industry when she was introduced to iconic perfumer Gilles Pommereau. The two collaborated on her initial release, Le Parfum de la Princesse Marina de Bourbon Parme, and have since worked together on a number of sensational fragrances that are the physical embodiment of the House of Bourbon’s legendary refinement.

Marina de Bourbon Perfumes

After the release of Le Parfum de la Princesse Marina de Bourbon Parme in 1993, Marina de Bourbon perfumes have included Marina de Bourbon Perfume, Marina de Bourbon Reverence, Marina de Bourbon Rose Bourbon, Mon Bouquet, Marina de Bourbon Rouge Royal, Eau De Lys Marina de Bourbon, Lys Marina de Bourbon, Aqua Di Aqua and Asteria.

Marina de Bourbon Colognes


In 1994, Marina de Bourbon introduced her initial men’s scent called Marina de Bourbon Cologne. Since that initial release, Marina de Bourbon colognes have included 2002’s Aqua Di Aqua for Men and 2004’s Marina de Bourbon Rouge Royal for Men.

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Marina de Bourbon fragrances include:


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