Loewe was established in 1846 when Enrique Loewe Roessberg created a winning partnership with the finest leather artisans in Madrid. Loewe, known for offering only the best in Spanish luxury goods, created a product line devoted to quality leather goods, ready-to-wear, accessories and Loewe perfume and cologne.
Loewe quickly became a true status symbol among the bourgeoisie and aristocracy of Madrid and welcomed the 20th century as the foremost Spanish luxury brand. In the late 1930's a Loewe boutique emerged as the House's flagship, known for its unprecedented window dressing concepts, along with its store in Barcelona. In the '60's Loewe began a massive worldwide expansion, with the addition of a ready-to-wear division, and full exploration of the wonderful world of silk. In 1972 the first Loewe perfumeemerged with many additional fragrances, including Loewe colognes.

Loewe Perfume History

The introduction of Loewe perfume was met with great anticipation and its debut, as well as subsequent fragrance offerings did not disappointment. In keeping with the famous Loewe name, both Loewe colognes and perfumes mirror the quality, uniqueness and attention to detail of its fashions of the same brand name. Upscale and reflective of sophistication and perfection, Loewe perfume and Loewe colognes are favorite fragrances choices throughout the world.
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Beauty Tips

To get the most wearing time out of your fragrance spray it on your clothing as well as your skin and it will last twice as long. Added bonus you can spray some in your car!