Lalique was a designer of many things…he was an artist, a jeweler, a glassmaker and many say a visionary. Lalique was born in 1860 in a small village in France. He would enjoy many successes in a number of different fields until his death in 1945.
At the age of 16 Lalique apprenticed for Louis Aucoc, a jeweler, where Lalique learned the basics of jewelry production and design. By 1881, Lalique was a freelance designer for many French jewelers until he opened his first jewelry shop in 1890. His jewelry was influenced by the natural world, with an emphasis on the inclusion of natural materials like glass, horn, pearls and ivory. He also used valuable gemstones in his works. The love of Lalique jewelry quickly spread, due in part to the designs he created for the famous Sarah Bernhardt. In 1904 Rene Lalique exhibited his jewelry at the World's Fair in St. Louis.
Lalique began experimenting in glass creating an amazing array of vases, ashtrays, clocks, paperweights, car mascots, decanters, stemware, lamps, fountains, doors and perfume bottles among other glass works. During World War 1 Lalique created many necessary items for the ongoing war effort including glass bottles and containers for medication. Lalique used glass to create the most amazing and beautiful things that quickly became extremely desirable. Among his most noticed works are his art glass Lalique vases that have been copied and reproduced because of their popularity. Lalique continued his career, creating artful panels for architecture and lovely bottle for perfume.

History of Lalique Perfume

Well-known for his Lalique perfume bottles, Lalique colognes and perfumes are also extremely popular. Below is a partial list of his offerings along with the year they were introduced.
1992 Lalique perfume, 1997 Lalique cologne, 2000 Lalique Faune cologne, 2001 Lalique Equus cologne, 2002 Lalique Tendre Kiss, 2003 Lalique Eau De Lalique, 2005 Lalique Flora Bella and Lalique Le Parfum, 2006 Lalique de Lalique perfume, 2007 Amethyst Lalique perfume, 2007 Encre Noir Lalique cologne, 2008 Lalique White cologne
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