The fragrance design house Jivago was launched in 1994 by master perfumer, Ilana Jivago, and in less than a decade, the company’s Jivago 24K line of fragrances continually rank in the top 20% to 30% of all fragrance brands. In 1996, Jivago was nominated for a FiFi award for Best Innovative Technology and the company is continually recognized for pioneering new development strategies and for its creative use of marketing. 

Jivago was founded under the premise of equality between men and women and in doing so, it always includes both a mens cologne and womens perfume in their sample packets. The Jivago 24K line is recognized as one of the world’s most exquisite with its handcrafted flacons and 24-karat gold leaf accents.
Jivago is one of the few vertically integrated design houses. This means that the company designs, manufactures, markets and distributes all of its fragrances in-house with no outside assistance. For such a young fragrance company, Jivago is one of the most respected and recognized world-wide with over 750 international distribution centers.

Jivago Perfumes

In 1995, Jivago launched the fragrances that would identify it as a masterful design house, Jivago Perfume and Jivago 24k. Since the introduction of those two exceptional fragrances, Jivago has continued its reputation of producing high quality perfumes featuring the best ingredients. Subsequent Jivago perfumes have included Jivago 7 Notes, Jivago Connect for Women and Jivago Millenium Hope for Women.

Jivago Cologne

As stated earlier, Jivago is built upon the unity of man and woman, so the company always designs a mens cologne for each perfume it creates. Jivago colognes include Jivago Cologne, Jivago 24k for Men, Jivago 7 Elements, Jivago Connect for Men and Jivago Millenium for Men. Both Jivago 24k for men and women are available in gift sets.

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Jivago perfumes, colognes and gift sets include:



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