Jesus del Pozo was born in Madrid, Spain. In the 1970s, he was instrumental in transforming Spain into one of the world’s leading producers of fashion. In 1974, Jesus del Pozo opened his first menswear boutique on Almirante, the very street he was born on. In 1976, he ventured to Paris where he launched his line of menswear at the SEHM.
After a decade of designing menswear, Jesus del Pozo turned to women’s design in 1980, when he released his first ready-to-wear collection for women. Throughout the 80s, the designer was recognized with a number of awards, including the Golden Needle Prize for Best International Collection, the Cristóbal Balenciaga National Prize for the best Spanish Designer and the Best Designer Award from the Spanish Center of New Professions. In 1990, Bloomingdales asked him to design their window displays and two years later he expanded his design house to include jewelry, lingerie, scarves and more.
Jesus del Pozo continues to be an integral part of modern fashion and currently directs the MBA in Fashion Company Management (a joint project launched by King Juan Carlos University and Madrid's Chamber of Commerce).

Jesus del Pozo Perfume History

In 1992, Jesus del Pozo introduced his first women’s fragrance called, Duende. The fragrance was awarded the Golden T of Telva Prize for Best Women's Fragrance.  In 1997, Jesus del Pozo perfumes introduced his tremendously popular Halloween fragrance, which ultimately turned into a brand of fragrances, including Halloween Tropical, Halloween Sun, Halloween Freesia, Halloween Water Lily and most recently, Halloween Kiss. In 2005, Jesus del Pozo perfumes introduced J Del Pozo in Black, which won the Cosmopolitan Prize for Best Perfume Design and the Fifi Prize for Best Perfume Design in 2006. The following year, J Del Pozo in White was released and it too was awarded the Cosmopolitan Prize for the Best Perfume Design in 2008.

Jesus del Pozo Cologne History

In 1994, the first Jesus del Pozo cologne was released called, Quasar. The fragrance was awarded both the Golden T of Telva Prize for Best Men's Fragrance and the Fifi Prize for Premio Fifi Best Men's Fragrance. This was followed in 1999 by Quasar Adventure and with 2001’s release of On El.
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