History of the Jessica McClintock Designer Name

Jessica McClintock, the chief designer behind the clothing company that bears her name, was born on June 19, 1930 in Frenchville, Maine. McClintock was always interested in designing garments and learned how to sew her own clothes at a young age by following the teachings of her grandmother, a tailor. McClintock eventually invested in a small, upstart clothing boutique, Gunne Sax, and designed her first fashion line under the Sax name. McClintock soon took over the company, which later became Jessica McClintock Inc. in 1978.

Jessica McClintock Perfume History

Jessica McClintock Inc. launched its first fragrance in 1988, a women’s fragrance originally sold in select Macy’s department stores. Roure Bertrand Dupont designed the scent from a delightful blend of basil, rose, jasmine and a light twist of lemon citrus and the McClintock company produced the fragrance on its own, as opposed to licensing it to a fragrance or cosmetics company. The perfume was later joined in 1992 by the company’s first men’s fragrance, Scott McClintock, a potent mixture of incense, flowers and spice named after Jessica’s son. Other popular scents to the McClintock brand now include: New Victorian, Gunne Sax, Jessica McClintock Silk Ribbons and Jessica McClintock #3 - a fresh, watery scent featuring fruits and lilac.
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