Jean Patou was born in 1880 in Normandy, France. At the age of 27, he started working for his uncle’s fur shop where his father was a well-respected tanner. In 1912, Jean Patou opened his first small dressmaking shop in Paris called Maison Parry. In 1914, his entire collection was bought by a single American buyer. 

In 1919, after being away from his shop for a tour of duty in the military, Jean Patou re-opened his shop under his own name. His collections became highly regarded by society’s elite, among them the era’s most popular movie stars. His sportswear collections were especially impressive and he even provided tennis legend Suzanne Lenglen her outfits both on court and off. Patou also designed the garments for the famed Dolly Sisters, who toured the U.S. in the 1920s with no less than 200 of Patou’s designs in tow.
Jean Patou is also credited with creating the first designer label, outlining his pockets with his signature J and P. In 1925, he launched a line of fragrances that were designed exclusively according to one’s hair color. He created Amour-Amour for brunettes, Que Sais-je for blondes and Adieu Sagesse for redheads. In 1931 he introduced his most popular fragrance, Joy, often advertised as "the most costly perfume in the world."
In 1928, Patou created Huile de Caldee, which is considered to be the first sun lotion. The influential designer passed away in 1936 at the young age of 56. After his death, Patou’s brother-in-law, George Barbas, took over the company ensuring that the design house remained within the family. Currently, Patou’s great-nephews, Guy and Jean de Muay, run the design house’s operations.

Jean Patau Perfumes

Over the years, Jean Patau perfumes have become recognized as some of the world’s finest fragrances because his design house only uses the most precious ingredients in their scent creations. Joy set the standard and it has been followed by a veritable whos-who of fragrances, including En Joy, Jean Patau 1000, Jean Patau Hip, Divine Folie, Colony Jean Patau, Chaldee Jean Patau, Adieu Sagesse, L’Heure Attendue, Nacre, Patau Forever, Paname De Patau, Sira Des Indes, Sublime and Un Amor De Patau.
In 1995, Jean Patau released the men’s fragrance, Voyageur.
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Layer!! Your fragrance will last longer if you use the same fragrance lotion and powder. Lotion first then the powder and top off with the spray fragrance. You don't have to use much and your fragrance will linger even after you have left the room.