In 1962, perfume designer Jean Desprez released a fragrance that to this day remains a highly sought after and cherished perfume. That fragrance is Bal a Versailles. Rumored to have used over 350 rare essences in this formulation, Jean Desprez crafted a perfume of such deep, rich and complex tones that throughout the day, the wearer can at times seem to wearing a different scent entirely.

Jean Desprez Perfumes

Bal a Versailles will forever be known as Jean Desprez’s landmark perfume, but it’s not the only fragrance released by the designer. In 1983, Jean Desprez perfumes released Sheherazade, a casually subtle fragrance named after the legendary Persian Queen.
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Jean Desprez perfumes include:

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Beauty Tips

Do not rub a fragrace into your skin. Most are made to react with your skins oils and heat. Rubbing the perfume will only change the smell and make it dry out faster, falling short of lasting long.