In 1968, an American named James Kaplan and a French pianist named Gerard Courtin co-founded a leather shop on 5th Avenue in New York. They called the shop, Jacomo. Courtin, being passionate about finding new opportunities within the arts, found that he was very interested in, and quite good at creating fragrances. He quickly started devoting much of his time to he new found passion of perfumery. 

In 1970, the first Jacomo cologne, Eau Cendrée, was released to critical acclaim, quickly followed by the first Jacomo perfume, called Chicane, a year later. In 1991, Jacomo released the industry’s very first duo fragrance line called Anthracite. Today, Jacomo Inc. is still based in New York, but over the years has become a global brand with influence in major markets in France, Spain, Holland, Italy and Belgium. The brand’s propensity for success comes in its penchant for reinventing its most revered fragrances into modern examples of fragrance brilliance.

Jacomo Perfume

Jacomo perfumes are designed to accentuate femininity. From the sunny floral accords of Silences Purple to the exotic transparency of Paradox Green, Jacomo perfume provides just the right blend of subtle sophistication and youthful exhilaration.

Jacomo Cologne

Jacomo started out creating men’s cologne and they have proven themselves masters of the art ever since. From the wooded spiciness of Jacomo De Jacomo to the intangible freshness of Paradox Blue, Jacomo has the fragrance to complement your lifestyle.
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