The History of the Guy Laroche Brand

Guy Laroche, fashion designer and fragrance maker, was born in 1921 in La Rochelle, France. Laroche went to work for Jean Desses in 1949, and eventually became his assistant until moving to the United States in 1955 to learn about ready-to-wear manufacturing methods. One year later, Guy Laroche returned to France to open his own fashion house, where he designed haute couture yet practical clothing for women. Notably, Guy Laroche was among the first designers to create separates for the American market.
Guy Laroche died in 1989, but famous designers such as Angelo Tarlazzi, Michael Klein and Alber Elbaz have insured the continuity of the styling and image of the Laroche House. Today, a studio comprised of young and gifted designers continues to create different product lines under the Guy Laroche name. 

The Rise of Guy Laroche Perfumes

In 1966, Guy Laroche introduced his first women’s fragrance to the market, Fidji perfume. The next designer fragrance developed by Laroche hit the market in 1977, a popular women’s scent called J'ai Ose. Laroche later launched Drakkar Noir cologne for men in 1982, a fragrance that has become a tried and true classic over the years. Laroche also released Clandestine and Horizon colognes for men in 1982 and 1993, respectively. is your online source for authentic fragrances like the Guy Laroche collection at scentsational savings. Choose from our huge selection to find exactly what you're looking for. Plus we offer you free shipping on U.S. orders of $70 or more.

Perfume and Cologne from Guy Laroche Include the Following:

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Beauty Tips

If you need to be around clients or just a large amount of people in general, Unscented Lotion, apply some near your wrists and then in a few mins as you're getting ready for your day, spray your favorite cologne there and Bam, Seem's to hang on to the Scent for a longer amount of time.