Founded in 1828, Guerlain is one of the oldest and highest regarded perfume houses in the world. After the creation of Eau de Cologne Impériale in 1853,Guerlain’s founder, Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, was given the title, His Majesty's Official Perfumer in France. For over 182 years, Guerlain perfume has been cherished by women from all around the globe and over the years, the perfumer has created fragrances for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Queen Isabella II of Spain.
In 1840, Guerlain launched its first flagship store in Paris, forever making its mark on the Parisian fashion scene. From its launch in 1828 through its eventual acquire by the LVMH Group in 1994, Guerlain perfumes were a family affair. Only after its purchase were perfumers from outside of the family brought in to compose the fragrances for Guerlain perfumes and colognes.

Guerlain Perfume

Guerlian perfumes are renowned for their confection aromas and distinctive bottles. Some of the designer’s most notable fragrances include Jicky, Insolence, Idylle, L'Instant De Guerlain and the Aqua Allegoria line of Guerlain perfumes.

Guerlain Cologne

Guerlain colognes have long been revered by men for their masculine fragrances and slightly spicy aromas. Guerlain colognes available include Coriolan, Du Coq, Guerlain Homme, Heritage and more.
In 2006, Guerlain started producing a uni-sex fragrance called Cologne Du 68 Guerlain. This innovative fragrance is comprised of a sophisticated blend of 68 ingredients and delivers a rich, full spectrum of aromas perfect for the ultra-modern wearer.
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Take the perfumed cards from magazines, open them up and put them in your drawers with your underwear. They leave a lovely scent.