In 1997, the fragrance design house, Gilles Cantuel, released their classic oriental-themed perfume Creature D’Anges. The casual and flowery scent was followed over the next two years by the fragrance lines that would signify the design house’s imprint on the fragrance industry – Gilles Cantuel’s Arsenal and Flowers line of fragrances.

Gilles Cantuel Perfumes

Gilles Cantuel perfumes introduced its Arsenal line of women’s fragrances in 1998 with the exotic Arsenal Perfume and the more flowery scented Arsenal Pink. Besides being highly beloved for their signature fragrances, Arsenal perfumes and colognes were ingeniously marketed and sold in hand grenade-shaped bottles and packaged in a wood crate box. In 1999, Gilles Cantuel introduced their next line of successful perfumes called Flowers. The primary fragrance, Flowers Perfume was followed shortly thereafter by subsequent releases, Flowers Purple and Flowers Emotion.

Gilles Cantuel Colognes

Gilles Cantuel colognes are all released under the Arsenal brand and feature Arsenal Cologne, Arsenal Black, Arsenal Blue, Arsenal Red and Arsenal Dark Red. Each cologne is packaged in an aptly-colored grenade-shaped bottle and in the instantly recognizable wood crate.

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Gilles Cantuel fragrances include:


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Beauty Tips

To make your fragrances last longer place a drop of baby oil or baby oil gel on your pulse points (neck, wrists, chest, behind ear, ankles. Spray your fragrance on the baby oil. Your scent will last longer.