Frances Denney was born Frances Cunningham in Drogheda, Ireland. In the late 1800s, Frances went against the traditional grain and enrolled herself in Dublin’s esteemed Trinity College. She became the first female to graduate from the school with a degree in Chemistry. Shortly after graduating college, Frances left Ireland and sailed to the United States. In 1897, she and her husband, William Denney, opened their first salon in Philadelphia. Frances Denney’s salon had the distinction of being the first cosmetic house in America.
Frances Denney was the first cosmetic line that featured a regimen for skin care. Whereas other cosmetics were being used to simply cover the skin, Frances Denney’s line of cosmetics was designed around the "cleanse, freshen and lubricate" regimen of care. A true innovator in the industry, in 1910, Frances Denney was the first to open a salon inside a department store in Philadelphia’s prestigious John Wannamaker’s. Frances Denney retired in 1938 at the age of 74, but her brand continues to this day, upholding her long-standing history of quality products backed by intensive research.

Frances Denney Perfume

In 1965, the Frances Denney design house introduced their first perfume called, Interlude. Since that time, the company has expanded their Frances Denney perfume line to include the fragrance, Hope, and the company has a merchandising deal with United Feature Syndicate, Inc. for the production of various youth-targeted fragrances designed around the Snoopy franchise.
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Frances Denney perfumes include:

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Beauty Tips

Spray perfume all over damp hair. For scent-sational lasting (of the smell), spray perfume again on air-dryed hair.