The Etro name has become synonymous with sophistication, in both design and production techniques. Gimmo Etro began as a converter of material for clothing. This experience gave him a unique opportunity to explore the finest luxury fabrics including silk, linen and cashmere. Etro designs were created using those fabrics, dyed in chic colors. In 1981 Etro introduced the paisley motif which became a symbol of the Etro brand. Gimmo Etro established himself as a designer who was not afraid to use offbeat color combinations in his dazzling separates created from the most luxurious fabric choices.
The Etro line spread to include amazing leather goods of which the paisley jacquard fabric (treated with a plasticization technique) became a status symbol of 80's chic. In the 1990's Etro entered the pre-a-porter fashion world focusing on women's and men's collections that exemplified his love of materials with an extraordinary craftsmanship and emphasis on tailoring. This tailoring would become one of the most unique concepts of the Etro brand.

Etro Perfume & Cologne History

Etro perfumes and Etro colognes reflect the designer's sense of fashion by creating innovative new twists on classical themes. His unusual combination of fragrance ingredients has made Etro fragrances unique masterpieces of perfumery. Etro fragrances were launched in 1989 with Vicolo Fiori perfume followed by Ambra, Gomma, Heliotrope, Magot, Patchouly, Royal Pavillone, Vetiver and Palais Jamais. Etro perfumes and colognes were created to be enjoyed along, or in an individual mix of different Etro fragrances. This Etro scent layering enables users to become their own creators of the perfume they wear, their own Etro signature scent.
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