Herbert Gallen was born in Paterson, New Jersey in 1916 and he founded the Ellen Tracy design house in the 1960s. When asked why he didn’t use his own name for the company’s identity, Gallen stated that he believed that a design house that catered exclusively to women should have a female’s name on the door. 

Since the 60’s the designs of Ellen Tracy have been overseen by Linda Allard and her talents have helped the company make the transitions necessary for maintaining one step ahead of the times. Initially an apparel design company, Ellen Tracy eventually evolved into a lifestyle brand with its own licensing agreements for belts, shoes, eyewear, hosiery and a home collection. In 2002 the company was acquired by Liz Claiborne, Inc. and a year later, Ellen Tracy started releasing fragrances. Ellen Tracy fragrances have become a direct representation of the brand itself through their modern statements and definitive aromatic styles.

Ellen Tracy Perfumes

The Ellen Tracy perfume line was "officially" launched in 2003 with the release of Ellen Tracy Imagine, but three years earlier, the company released its first true fragrance with Ellen Tracy Limited Edition Perfume. Other Ellen Tracy perfumes include Ellen Tracy Perfume, Inspire and Tracy.
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Ellen Tracy fragrances include:

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Beauty Tips

Do not rub a fragrace into your skin. Most are made to react with your skins oils and heat. Rubbing the perfume will only change the smell and make it dry out faster, falling short of lasting long.