Elizabeth Arden - Designer History

A pioneer of the beauty and perfume industry Elizabeth Arden was born in Canada in 1898. She started her career as a nurse yet became known as head one of the greatest cosmetic companies in the world. While working in hospitals, Arden learned about the medical benefits of creams and salves for burns and skin problems. Adding to that knowledge, she took a job in a beauty parlor to learn as much as she could about massage techniques and skin treatments.
In 1909 Elizabeth Arden opened her own salon on Fifth Avenue and began experimenting with her own line of skin products. As her cosmetic line increased to over 300 products, she began adding premium fragrances to her famous line. Arden's modern mass marketing techniques helped her create a monstrous brand presence that now includes an international chain of beauty salons and spas.

Elizabeth Arden Perfume History

Elizabeth Arden created her successful line of creams and perfumes, appealing to women of all ages. Although At the turn of the century the wearing of make-up and perfume or colognes had been frowned upon during the turn of the century, Elizabeth Arden created new products and fragrances which soon became acceptable and highly respected. Her belief that the young and old, glamorous and 'ordinary" all wanted to look and feel young and beautiful was the driving force behind her fragrance collection. From their inception, Elizabeth perfumes and colognes reached women of all ages to become a complete success.
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Elizabeth Arden perfumes and colognes include:

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Beauty Tips

To make your fragrances last longer place a drop of baby oil or baby oil gel on your pulse points (neck, wrists, chest, behind ear, ankles. Spray your fragrance on the baby oil. Your scent will last longer.