The History of Zino Davidoff

Zino Davidoff,born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1906, is the founder and creator of theself-named Swiss company that has seated its customers in the lap of luxury for decades. Davidoff, the first-born child of Jewish tobacco merchants and kin to three siblings, moved to Switzerland with his family in order to escape the anti-Semitism that was rapidly spreading across their homeland. Davidoff’s parents established a tobacco business in Switzerland, and shortly after finishing school in 1924, Davidoff followed in their footsteps, traveling all over the world to learn more about the tobacco trade. In 1930, Davidoff took over the family business and turned it into the international kingdom of luxury cigars and goods that remains to this day.

The Davidoff Cool Water Cologne Series

Aside from the recognition it receives for its cigars, the Davidoff brand is also known globally for its fragrances. The first cologne launched by Zino Davidoff appeared in 1984, a men’s fragrance named Davidoff Classic. He introduced another self-named scent, Zino Davidoff, in 1986. Perhaps his most well-known men's fragrance and one of the top selling colognes on the market, Davidoff Cool Water, debuted in 1988. 
Following the staggering success of the Cool Water men’s fragrance, the Davidoff company released additional versions of their Cool Water cologne, all under the same name. These popular men’s fragrances include Davidoff Cool Water Game, Cool Water Deep and Cool Water Summer Fizz. Other popular fragrances released by the Davidoff line include Good Life and ECHO.
Capitalizing on the success of its men’s cologne, the company launched Cool Water for Women Davidoff perfume and also introduced Cool Water Frozen Perfume for Women to the world soon after. A women’s version of Davidoff’s Good Life was also released to the market. is your online source for authentic fragrances like the Davidoff collection at exceptional savings. Choose from our huge selection to find exactly what you're looking for. Plus we offer you free shipping on U.S. orders of $70 or more.

Perfume and Cologne by Davidoff Include:

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