The History of the Christian Audigier Designer Brand

Christian Audigier, globably recognized French fashion designer and entrepreneur, was born on May 23, 1958 in Avignon, France. Audigier is the chief designer behind numerous best-selling clothing lines such as Lee, Diesel, American Outfitters, Von Dutch and Naf Naf, and is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. Christian made his first mark in the fashion industry as a jeans designer, and eventually became the driving force behind the rise of the ever-popular and remarkably trendy Von Dutch hat style. With the rise of the Von Dutch brand, Christian Audigier sparked a trend that would place him in the upper echelon of the world of fashion, and soon flourished as a clothing designer thanks to his Crystal Rock collection, a popular brand he named after his daughter, Crystal.

Christian Audigier and Ed Hardy Fragrances

In 2004, Christian licensed the rights to produce clothing based on the tattoo art of Ed Hardy. Following the success of the Von Dutch clothing and accessories lines, Christian Audigier turned the Ed Hardy fashion line into an overnight global sensation, marketing the line to numerous superstar celebrities including Britney Spears and Madonna. Then, in 2008, Audigier launched Ed Hardy Fragrances, a women’s perfume line that would become an instant classic, selling rapidly in shops and high-end fashion locations all across the globe. 
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Christian Audigier Perfumes and Colognes include: 

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