Louis-Francois Cartier founded the Cartier jewelry and watch brand in 1847 at the age of 28 and quickly become one of the most appreciated jewelers in Paris and the official supplier to the royal court. In 1853, the jeweler was filling private orders for customers, eventually increasing his clientele to the point that he had to open his first official shop in 1859.
In 1874, Cartier’s son, Alfred, took over the company, turning the focus more onto watchmaking. But, it was Alfred’s son, Louis, who eventually brought universal fame to his grandfather’s company through his innovative watch designs and imaginative styles. Cartier’s innovations included the first wristwatch with a folding clasp, one of the first water-resistant watches and he was one of the first designers to incorporate platinum and diamonds into his designs. In 1912, Louis also invented the legendary line of "mystery clocks."
After Louis’ death in 1942, the company lost some of its reverence, but in 1972, a group of investors purchased the company, naming Alain Perrin its Chief Executive Officer. A former antiques dealer, Perrin was instrumental in the company regaining its foothold in the industry of haute couture. In 1981, Cartier merged with "Les Must de Cartier" and Alain Dominique Perrin was appointed Chairman of Cartier SAA and Cartier International. In 2002, Bernard Fornas was named the company’s President and CEO.

Cartier Perfumes

In the late 80s and early 90s, the House of Cartier branched out into the realm of fragrances with the release of several successful Cartier perfumes including Panthere de Cartier, Pasha de Cartier Eau Genereuse, Must de Cartier, Must de Cartier Eau Fine, So Pretty and Must de Cartier II. More recently released Cartier perfumes include Delices de Cartier, Eau de Cartier, Le Baiser du Dragon and Delices de Cartier Fruitee.

Cartier Colognes

In 1992, Cartier introduced their signature line of Cartier colognes with the fragrance Pasha de Cartier. The fragrances Declaration and Declaration Essence were next introduced in 1998. Two years later saw the release of Must de Cartier for Men and Pasha de Cartier Fraicheur Menthe, followed the next year by Declaration Bois Bleu and Eau de Cartier for Men. The most recent Cartier cologne was 2008’s Roadster cologne.
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Cartier perfumes and colognes include:

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