Ernest Daltroff founded The House of Caron in 1904. Soon after, Madame Felicie joined him and officially took over the management of the Caron company in 1939. Caron is exclusively a genuine fragrance house, one of the few that remain entirely devoted to perfume in all of Paris. Unlike most designers that either began in fashion, or added fashion to their lines as the name evolved, Caron is and has always been an exclusive Caron perfume and Caron cologne house. The fragrances of Caron are known for their quality blends with a total offering of 34 scents, 13 of which are considered boutique fragrances.


Caron Perfume and Cologne History

As stated above Caron perfume and Caron cologne are created in a design house whose only business is fragrances. Daltroff and Felicie collaborated on a number of scent sensations that gained wide acclaim including Narcisse Noir in 1911, Bellodgia, a lovely floral scent, in 1927, two fragrances in the 30's…and a number of Caron perfumes and colognes through the remaining decades. Most popular among all Caron perfume and cologne are Royal Baine De Caron perfume, created in 1941 and Muget Du Bonheur perfume in 1952.
The House of Caron's quality fragrances are well known in boutiques in Paris and New York. These fragrance showrooms are known for their timeless elegance and perfume urns. Within these urns are individual Caron fragrances which are used to fill small sample vials to eager customers.
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Beauty Tips

Spray perfume all over damp hair. For scent-sational lasting (of the smell), spray perfume again on air-dryed hair.