Marcella Borghese was born in Sicily in 1911 under the name Marcella Fazi. In 1938, she earned the title Princess when she married the Prince of Sant’ Angelo of San Paolo, Paolo Borghese. Princess Borghese was deeply interested in maintaining a sense of fashion consciousness, which she acted upon by having her own collection of cosmetics and toiletries made especially for her. One of her dreams was to create a line of lipsticks of varying colors and shades, something that was unavailable at the time. With the blessing of Pope Pius XII, Princess Borghese put her idea into action. 

In 1956, Princess Borghese was introduced to Charles Revson, the founder of the cosmetics giant, Revlon. The two became immediate friends and under Revson’s tutelage, Borghese’s line of cosmetics began to take shape. Borghese’s first line of cosmetics featured brilliantly colored lipsticks and nail polishes that were intended to complement the fashion designs of her friend, Emilio Pucci. Later, Princess Borghese cosmetics became one of the first lines to incorporate the natural therapies of spa mud and mineral waters.

Borghese Perfume

Although Borghese was initiated as a cosmetics brand, the house’s line of luxury products has since grown to include perfumes, bed pillows, comforters and throws. Among the choice fragrances released by the design house, Il Bacio, La Carezza D’Amore and Borghese Bagno Divita are highly regarded as mainstays that are perfectly suited for modern day princesses.
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