Bill Blass was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana on June 22, 1922 and from an early age; Bill knew he was destined for a life in the fashion industry. In his autobiography, he mentions his high school notebooks were always filled not with notes from class, but with elaborate drawings of garments inspired by Hollywood’s glitz and glamour. At the age of 15, he had started sewing and selling evening gowns to a New York manufacturer for $25 each and by 17, his savings was large enough to allow him to move to Manhattan where he would study fashion.
At 18 years of age, Bill Blass was the first male to win Mademoiselle’s Design for Living award and in 1942, he enlisted into the army as part of the U.S. Camouflage Battalion, a group of creative soldiers whose purpose was to fool the German army into believing Ally troops were located in false areas. After the war, Bill Blass returned to New York in 1946 where he studied and worked under Baron de Gunzburg until he left in 1959 to work for Maurice Rentner Ltd. In 1970, he purchased Maurice Rentner Ltd. and renamed it Bill Blass Limited. By 1998, Bill Blass Limited had grown into a $700-million-a-year business, specializing in apparel, Bill Blass fragrances, luggage, chocolates, swimwear and furs.
In 1999, Blass sold his company to Michael Groveman for $50 million and retired from the fashion industry. He died from complications due to throat cancer in 2002, just six days after completing his memoir, "Bare Blass."

Bill Blass Perfumes


Bill Blass Perfume was introduced in 1978 and immediately captured the interest of the fragrance world and consumers alike with its compelling mix of cinnamon, fresh cut flowers and sandalwood. Subsequent notable releases have included 1990’s Nude, 1999’s Amazing for Women, 2007’s Bill Blass New and the latest launch, 2009’s Bill Blass Red.

Bill Blass Fragrances for Men

A year after the success of Amazing for Women, Bill Blass fragrances introduced a version for of Amazing for men. Its sensual mix of citrus and spice was equally well received making it a favorite of many men around the world. In 2009, the Bill Blass fragrance design house released its latest cologne for men, Mr. Bill Blass.

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